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AfriTel: Your Passport to Online Freedom

Our Mission

The Internet is humanity’s most powerful tool for information and instant communication, placing the world’s knowledge at its users’ fingertips. Because of the individual power afforded by instant access and free communication, many governments try to restrict many popular sites such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and even PayPal.

AfriTel’s mission is to provide free VPN access to every Internet user in Africa by 2016. A VPN, or virtual private network, keeps your information secure, protects your identity from outside users and even bypasses government monitoring systems – ensuring your ability to use the entire Internet.

With your own VPN, your privacy is protected and your network bypasses national firewalls and restrictions. AfriTel’s VPN service allows anyone in Africa to access YouTube, PayPal, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter regardless of censorship rules. Your AfriTel VPN is your passport to a free Internet.

AfriTel launches in 2014, with the commitment to give every African the right to:

  • Free VPN access
  • Bypass Government Restrictions
  • Online Privacy and Security
  • Access to popular websites like Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and more

Who We Are

AfriTel is legally incorporated in Mauritius, with a vision to become the leading provider of VPN services in Africa. Our goal is to provide every Internet user in Africa with a FREE VPN account within two years. Our service will launch in 2014, with subscription details coming in the near future.

Contact us to take advantage of secure, unrestricted access to the Internet!

Upgrade Options

In addition to the free VPN, clients have the option to upgrade their dynamic VPNs to one of the following options:

  • Static IPs – Every free VPN comes with a dynamic IP. AfriTel also offers the ability to upgrade to a static IP, which facilitates remote access and improves online performance (additional charges apply).
  • Business VPN – A business VPN will allow you to create a private, secure business network that your company’s authorized users can access from anywhere. Let AfriTel guide your business toward success (additional charges apply).

Venture Opportunities

As AfriTel invests in creating VPN businesses in Africa, we are offering strong partnerships with VPN and web hosting businesses. AfriTel pledges its full support for the cause of free VPN for all Internet users in Africa. If you envision a partnership that helps advance this objective, or if you are seeking a purchaser for your existing VPN business, please contact [email protected] to discuss matters further. AfriTel is well-funded by the IT industry and backed by a wealth-management fund. Become a partner with AfriTel and boost your business.

Employment Opportunities

As AfriTel expands is business, we are searching for a passionate, talented team to help with our sales, marketing and IT operations. We offer excellent compensation packages and are currently accepting resumes.

Contact us and join our successful team!

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Level 2 Max City Building, Remy Ollier Street
Port-Louis, Mauritius

[email protected]